Ringing in 2018 with the top 18 tips for success!

  1. Know how stressful the college process is for your student.  It starts early in 11th grade.  Be their support.  They really do not need more pressure from parents.
  2. Use tools like Naviance to understand where your students might fall in a pool of applicants. This can help you avoid setting them up for failure.
  3. Understand that the college process has changed drastically from 20 years ago.  Investing in college advisors and financial aid advisors can save you time and money.  Don’t be too proud to ask for help.
  4. Have a list of schools that are all academically viable for your student.
  5. Don’t have more than 2-3 “reach” schools on your list.
  6. Applying to more than 12 schools is completely unnecessary and really expensive!
  7. Do what is best for your student…even if it seems unconventional. Keep an open mind and don’t follow the masses.
  8. The college process is a family effort! Parents need to be involved.
  9. Communicate openly with your student about college costs and how college debt can impact their future.
  10. Determine if you are eligible for financial aid by talking to a professional. Never assume anything or listen to your friends.
  11. Gain an understanding of which schools offer financial aid, if qualified.
  12. If looking for money in the form of merit-based scholarships or need-based financial aid, “reach” schools should be kept to a minimum.
  13. NEVER give a deposit to a school unless you are satisfied with your financial aid package.  You lose all leverage once that deposit is given.
  14. Make a spreadsheet of deadlines for all applications and avoid waiting until the last minute.
  15. Remember that the college admission process has never been “fair”.  Acceptance, deferral, and rejection are all part of the journey.
  16.  Do not compare your situation to others in regards to college acceptance or financial aid.  There is a lot you do not know.  Mind your own business 🙂
  17. If 2017 has taught us anything, this world needs more kindness, tolerance, and understanding.  College is not an extension of high school.  This is your student’s first step into adulthood.  Teach them kindness and let them teach it to others.
  18. Spread the love! If you found this list helpful, share it with others, and always be a Warrior!

Wishing all of my Warriors the best for 2018! Always be good to others and may you have all the love, good health and wealth the world has to offer!  ~ Julie

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