Reasons to Submit Your FAFSA

  • The FAFSA will be required by every college when applying for financial aid.
  • Many colleges will require the FAFSA to be submitted in order for the student to be considered for merit-based scholarships. Fordham University, for example, requires the FAFSA and CSS Profile in order to be considered for any merit-based scholarships.
  • If your family has a change in circumstances during any of the student’s college years, many colleges, like Case Western Reserve University, will not consider the family for financial aid unless the FAFSA was submitted for the student’s freshman year.
  • The FAFSA will be required in order to receive loans, even for colleges that do not offer need-based or merit-based grants and scholarships.
  • Many third party scholarship organizations will require the FAFSA to be submitted as part of their application process.
  • Your family may qualify for financial aid regardless of what you have been told by friends and family.  Every family’s financial situation is different!

Read our blog post When to Apply for Financial Aid to understand the timing of this important application.

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