Working Together
Working Together
We believe it is important to work as a team so that your child may attend the school of their dreams. Our goal is to eliminate the unfortunate inequity that occurs because of the astronomical cost of college.
I am 100% sure that our working with College Financial Consultants was the best choice we could have made to navigate the complexities of college financial planning.Thank you Julie!
M. Orciuoli
Grants & Scholarships
With available grants and scholarships, college can become affordable for almost anyone. We offer many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the financial aid system to access money that need not be paid back.

Feeling overwhelmed with the Financial Aid process?

Developing a sound strategy is critical. We are here to help
Applying for financial aid can be a daunting process, but College Financial Consultants, located in New Jersey, provides college financial aid consulting services with personalized solutions to make higher education more affordable. Family-owned since 1986, College Financial Consultants works with families to help ensure that their children receive the maximum amount of need-based grant aid.
Working on an individualized timeline with each family that extends from the first visit until the student chooses their school, College Financial Consultants works hands-on with families to conduct an in-depth analysis of a family’s financial situation, assess a list of potential university choices to recommend which typically provides the most generous aid package, and help clients navigate the oft-intimidating FAFSA and CSS PROFILE.
Free seminars are currently being held around Northern New Jersey, so parents and students skeptical about being able to afford college are able to learn how to maximize financial aid eligibility. Choosing a college or university is an important decision in itself and College Financial Consultants allows families to focus on making the best choice without the additional stress of looming financial aid forms and deadlines. We’re the leading provider of college financial aid consulting services helping hundreds of families realize their dreams.

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Financial Aid

Working to ensure your children receives the maximum amount of need-based grant aid.


Having an understanding of the financial aid system is critical when planning for college.

Grants & Scholarships

With available grants and scholarships, college can be affordable for most anyone.

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