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Providing college financial aid consultation services to thousands of families for over 25 years

Mission Statement

College Financial is dedicated to helping every student attain what has now become a necessity in today’s society, rather than a luxury – a college education. Our goal is to provide families, through experience and deep understanding of the college financial aid system, the opportunity to demystify the college financial aid application process to realize that objective. We operate on the firm conviction that every family, regardless of financial or social status, is entitled to control their own destiny in funding their child’s higher education while still preserving their retirement plan.

Philip Gross

Phil is a born entrepreneur having spent his entire career building small businesses in the financial and consumer products sectors. Phil is an active community member and enjoys nothing more than helping students and families realize their dreams through securing an affordable college education.

For over two decades, Phil has helped thousands of students and families with the process of applying for college financial aid. He believes in a hands-on approach and takes great pride in the firm’s ability to deliver unparalleled service to their customers. He has frequently delivered free educational seminars within his community on the college funding process over the last 30 years. Phil often works with financial planners and accounting associations. He has been a guest on talk radio and regularly works with public and private high schools to ensure students and families are kept abreast on how best to position themselves in applying for need based college financial aid.

Phil, now a grandfather of five, resides in northern New Jersey with his wife Janet of 50 years. Having sent two children through school he understands first-hand how complex and stressful the process can be of securing need based financial aid. He also understands that in today’s society college is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. And every student deserves the opportunity to achieve a quality college education.

Julie Gross Lenthe

Julie has a long history in the financial industry. She moved to New York after graduating college and was immediately intrigued with Wall Street. Julie started her career as a stockbroker at Oppenheimer helping people build diverse portfolios. As she realized her keen interest in the more technical aspects of the markets she made her move to The American Stock Exchange where she traded equity derivatives.

Julie has been a member of the College Financial Consultants team since 2010. Like the entire team, she is dedicated to helping clients maximize their opportunities and is motivated by the many students who can, with proper help, now attend the school of their dreams. Julie is widely known for her expertise in the college financial aid system and is a frequent contributor to such publications as U. S. News, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. Julie is the mother of triplets (all adults now!) and is very aware that every family is unique in their needs. Julie specializes in difficult divorce situations, working with both parties, for the benefit of the student. She resides in South Carolina with her husband and furbabies.

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