Important Reminders for Incoming Seniors

Students:  Now that summer is in full swing, you should begin requesting and gathering information from those colleges in which you are interested.  It is important to start this process soon so that you are able to make an “informed choice” for the final for the final list of colleges to which admission applications will be sent.  Do not assume that you will automatically receive catalogs and applications from all schools.  Call the college or reach them on-line.  Your list of schools should be finalized by October or early November, so that deadlines can be ascertained and submission elements can be coordinated with your high school.  After a very difficult year for the 2013 class we want to reiterate…please be certain to include an adequate number of ‘safety schools”.  Also, please do not put things off until the last minute…once your senior year begins in September, things happen very quickly!

Very Important Reminders:

  • Applications should be completed and submitted by Thanksgiving!  You will do parts of your applications on-line, and you must coordinate with your guidance counselor.
  • If you are planning to apply Early Decision (ED) or Early Action (EA), these applications must be in considerably earlier.  Some high schools want them submitted in early October! The college deadlines will vary so please be sure to check with the college(s) for their specific ED or EA deadline.
  • Profile Registration and Profile Form:  For those of you that are planning an Early Decision or Early Action application, you must let us know as soon as possible.  We are required to start the financial aid process early as well and we need to complete the first step for you, the 2014-15 College Board Profile Registration and Profile Form, which will be available to us in early September and can be submitted beginning October 1st.
  • Parents, if you haven’t already sent us your 2012 U.S. Tax Returns and W-2’s, please do so as soon as possible.  Although we will need to estimate the 2013 income, the 2012 Tax Return contains information we will need to help us estimate the 2013 numbers as accurately as possible.
  • It is very important to make sure your SAT and SAT II requirements are all met.  Numerous schools are now requiring the SAT II as well, so please check with the schools you are considering.  Also, many students now take the ACT’s in addition to the SAT’s and then decide which test scores to release to the schools.
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