Great Tip for High School Students Applying to College – Getting Organized

I am now starting to see high school juniors and getting them prepared for what lies ahead. What I am finding is that parents are shocked at the amount of work that goes into applying to college, none the less, applying for financial aid. Things have changed drastically from when we went to college. To leave it entirely up to the students is foolish to say the least. This is a family effort, folks!

Almost everything these days is conveyed via email. The schools will use the email your student submitted on their applications to communicate everything from acceptances to document requests. Some students are very diligent about checking email but most are not! My suggestion is to set up a gmail account that both the student and parents have access to. For example: This account will be used solely for the purpose of college related emails. I suggest you check this email daily to ensure you are not missing any requested documents or application materials.
“Organize your life around your dreams and watch them come true” ~ Unknown

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