Your College Warrior

Bringing families into the college realm earlier
My name is Julie Gross and I am the mother of triplets who are currently attending college. Luckily for them (and me), I am the VP at College Financial Consultants and have developed an expertise of the college financial aid system and how the entire process works. I have noticed that there is a need for families to become involved in the college process much earlier so they have a better understanding of the options available to them. High schools are good at getting students prepared for the course work to be faced in college, however no one is preparing the parents for the road that lies ahead. College is an enormous investment and this is a family endeavor by all accounts.

Your College Warrior was born out of the obvious need for families to understand the breadth of the college process and to ease families into it. I have been working with families for the past eight years helping to secure financial aid for college and the one true consistency I have found is the shock of the complexity and the amount of effort that goes into preparing their child for college. Unfortunately, most families are hit with this bombshell in the senior year of high school, which makes for a very stressful, emotional and exhausting year. Because the college process has changed so much over the years, parents are simply not informed and therefore, completely unprepared. My hope is that Your College Warrior will bring families into the college realm earlier by informing them of all aspects of the college process.

In the years that I have worked with my clients nationally, I have had the good fortune of working side by side with the country’s leading college advisors, financial planners and tutors. While not every family has the ability to connect with these professionals, Your College Warrior can connect everyone so that all families have access to the professional advice these experts have to offer and a forum where questions can be answered. My goal is to provide knowledge to families so that you, parents and students, feel empowered entering this very exciting phase of life.

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