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If you have started the college application process, you are most likely familiar with the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). When applying for financial aid, be it grants, scholarships or loans, every college will require the FAFSA as part of the financial aid application process. Based on the information gathered on the FAFSA, the college will determine the amount of financial aid that your family is qualified for.

In my experience, I have seen so many errors, simple mistakes people have made on the FAFSA that has cost them thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars, over the course of a college education. These mistakes can be as simple as the number of people in the household to amount of assets held by parents or the student. In a divorce situation, which only makes things more complicated, the mistakes can be incalculable. The FAFSA uses a federal methodology to determine your family’s EFC (expected family contribution). Unless you are familiar with this methodology, the mistakes are ridiculously easy to make.

College Financial Consultants is now offering a FAFSA Review. We are offering the FASFA Review to those families that felt they could handle the FAFSA on their own, but are possibly second-guessing their decision on one of the biggest investments of their lives! Luckily, even if you have submitted your FAFSA, you can still make changes that can save you money. We have made this extremely simple! For a minimal fee of $250, CFC will review your completed FAFSA and notify you of any mistakes that have been made and correct them. If there are no mistakes, at least you can rest easy knowing that you have done everything possible to maximize financial aid.

Please call 973-369-7272 ext. 1 to learn more about the FAFSA Review. For a minimal fee and a few minutes of your time, you could be saving thousands of dollars. Please note that there is an added fee for review of the CSS Profile or other financial aid forms.

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